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Board of Trustees: Members and Minutes

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Meeting Dates


January 24, 2018,
February 26, 2018
April 16, 2018
June 18, 2018
September 17, 2018
November 19, 2018

Board Members


Franny Preston -              Trustee 2020

Audrey Schwartzberg - Trustee 2020

Larry Johnson -                Trustee 2021

Brian O'Connor -              Trustee 2021

Sarah Shoemaker -          Trustee 2022

Melissa Kline -                   Trustee 2023

Glenn Pareira III -             Trustee 2023

Jessica Jakobe -                   Trustee 2024

Amy Richardson -            Trustee 2024


2019 October Meeting Minutes

2019 June Meeting Minutes

2018 September Meeting Minutes

 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

2018 January Minutes

2018 February Minutes

2018 April Minutes



The Library is launching a new process to recruit people interested in joining the Board of Trustees.
The Library's bylaws set the size of the Board to 10 members and term of its Trustees to one 5-year period. Every year, two trustees leave the Board and two join. As a result, we are continuously recruiting new members and decided it would be better to revise our annual recruitment strategy and replace it with a process that results in a pool of talented people that are interested in being considered for the Board of Trustees next year or in the future.

Last year, the Board of Trustees adopted a five -year strategic plan and in the process identified skills and experiences necessary to successfully, execute the plan. In reviewing current and outgoing Trustee skills, we have a good handle on the desired skills/experience we are seeking for future members. Specifically people with knowledge or experience in:

• nonprofit management and/or finance
• fundraising
• people with special needs
• communications
• construction/contracting/architecture
• endowment development

If you would like to be considered for Board membership, please contact the Board Chair in care of Library Director Peter Benson.

Thank you for considering joining the Board of Trustees and for supporting the Saranac Lake Free Library. We hope to hear from you!



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